KB Shimmer Iris My Case Photos and Review

I have recently discovered and fallen in love with KB Shimmer polishes. Here is one of my favorites called Iris My Case. It is the perfect spring color. Doesn’t it look like a little lilac Easter egg?

Iris my case

This polish was very smooth and easy to apply. This is two coats plus top and base coat. KB Shimmer is an indie company. Their polishes are “3-free” and have a wide brush.

KB Shimmer Let’s Get Star-ted Photo and Review

Lately I have been delving into more Indie brands of nail polish. Maybe I am bored with the same old, same old polishes or maybe I just have a freakish love of glitter and chunkies. Either way, I have been finding some amazing new companies. Recently I discovered KB Shimmer who has some super cute polish. Here is the first one I bought.

Let's Get Star-ted

It’s called Let’s Get Star-ted and it is a milky white with black stars, and blue and purple circles. Isn’t it cute? I really love it. Because it is a white base it is hard to see the shine on it. Interested in checking out their polishes? Visit KB Shimmer.

Nail Art Society February 2013 Photos and Review

I recently subscribed to a new subscription, Nail Art Society. The reason I decided to try this was because I have a ton of polish but I like having little extras around to doodle my nails up fancy with like stickers, gems, etc. Each month they send out a packaged designed to create a certain look. So here is what I got for February.

Nail Art Society

Nail Art Society

Nail Art Society

Chain to add to fancy manicures.

Nail Art Society

Buffing block

Nail Art Society

Little metallic “love”s.


Up close, but a bad picture. These are really shinyNail Art Society

Dotting Tool

Nail Art Society

Textured, sparkly designs. You can cut these out in any shape to stick onto your finger. I’ve never tried these so I am excited to see how they are.

Nail Art Society

Finger Paints Art You Kidding Me?

All in all I was really happy with what I received. It is all stuff I don’t have but will definitely use. There are already a few polish subscriptions but I like that this one sends a whole look. Interested in checking it out? Visit Nail Art Society.

Square Hue February 2013 Photos and Review

Greetings readers,

I received my Square Hue box for February a few days ago. Here are my newest goodies:

PTsh5 PTsh6PTsh1This is High School Crush. It is a beautiful springy peach pastel. This polish was a bit streaky so I had to use three coats. I do really like the color once I got it to full opacity.


This is Wartime Romance. It is a beautiful dusty berry. This could easily be a one coater but I always prefer to put two coats on. Lovin’ this one because it’s sort of old fashioned looking.

Square Hue

In sunlight

Square Hue

In shade

Both of those are Dear John. It is a dark brown with the tiniest hint of red shimmer. It is very dark so I would probably opt to use it for designs instead of wearing it alone. It would be a great base for fall glitters.

I am feeling so, so about this month. Not super excited but I do like them. Interested in checking out Square Hue? Visit their site here.

Zoya Penny, Song and Rory Photos and Review

Zoya had another sale and I fell victim to it. Yes, I was sucked in by their glorious colors and prices. I decided to get Penny, Song and Rory.


Zoya Penny, Song and Rory

Zoya Zoya

Zoya Penny is a beautiful coppery orange frost with lots of shimmer. This is two coats. It is a little streaky but the color is really beautiful.


Zoya Rory is gorgeous. This is a beautiful medium pink shimmer. It was almost opaque at one coat but this is two. Unfortunately it was overcast while I was taking these photos so it doesn’t look as brilliant as it does in real life.


Zoya Song is a gorgeous blue with a bit of shimmer. It is opaque in one coat and wonderfully smooth. This one fell victim to the overcast day as well. I envision using this one as a background for a starry sky look.

As usual, Zoya doesn’t disappoint. They have great products in awesome colors that go on smoothly. Want to check out Zoya for yourself? Visit here.

butterLONDON Rosie Lee

I have been twitching for this polish for awhile. I got it for Christmas and was so excited. I have been so busy that I haven’t had much time to take pictures and stuff. So finaaaaaaally I am posting it.

Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee

Rosie Lee

My photos really do not do it justice. It is so multifaceted and sparkly. I love it. The formula is great and not hard to put on at all. Most glitters present a problem but this is a nice micro-glitter that makes intense shine without chunkiness. So what is your favorite butterLONDON polish? I am addicted to these and looking for some good ones.

Square Hue January 2013

This is my first month receiving Square Hue, a new nail polish subscription. This is what I received this month:


I opened up the box to see this card on the top, signed by the Square Hue Crew. It was a nice personal touch.

They came all safely packed in this cute little box.

They came all safely packed in this cute little box.

Bottom of the bottles

Bottom of the bottles


Square Hue Glacier Skies

Square Hue Glacier Skies

Arctic Frost over Glacier Skies

Arctic Frost over Glacier Skies

Midnight Flurries

Midnight Flurries

Arctic Frost over Midnight Flurries

Arctic Frost over Midnight Flurries

Arctic Frost

Arctic Frost

All in all these were really great. Good formula, they are colors that can be mixed and matched with each other. I would definitely recommend Square Hue to fellow lacquerheads. Interested in trying Square Hue? Visit here.










Yves Saint Laurent Arty Stone Collection

Yves Saint Laurent just launched their Arty Stone Collection for Spring 2013

YSL-Arty-Stone-Makeup-Collection-for-Spring-2013-promo-with-Ginta-Lapina1 SP-YSL-Spring-2013-5200

New products include:

Creme de Blush:

  • 07 Rose
  • 08 Brown
  • 09 Pink

La Laque Couture

  • 34 Jade Imperial
  • 35 Bronze Pyrite

Pure Chromatics Eyeshadow Palette

  • Malachite
  • Flourite
  • Amethyst
  • Azurite

Rouge Pur Couture

  • 23 Fuchsia Busite
  • 26 Violine Surrealiste
  • 27 Peche Cerra-Cola
  • 29 Rose Forreau

Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy

  • 12 Framboise Craquante
  • 13 Moka Griotte

So are these tempting you? They are available in stores and online at Nordstrom’s.


Ipsy November Box 2012 Photos and Review

I am subscribed to IPSY, a monthly beauty sampling service. Here is what I received for November:

These always come shipped in a bright pink mailer but for some reason I couldn’t find mine when I went to photograph it. Most of you have seen them on my previous Ipsy (formerly MyGlam) posts. Everything came tucked into this shiny brown bag.

This is Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel. The gel is clear and goes on smooth. It makes your brows look darker while keeping them in place.I didn’t even realize I wanted this stuff but I have to admit, it makes my brows look nicer.

In my original bag I received this and it appeared to be empty. At the prompting of a Makeup Talk forum member, I removed the stopper in the top to see if that was just brushing it all off. It wasn’t, it was empty. I notified Ipsy and they sent me out a new one right away that is nice and full. +1 for great customer service.

This is theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow. It is a medium brown that is buildable. Perfect for a brown smokey eye. Adorable packaging too!

This is Nailtini’s Nail Lacquer in Millionaire.  I wasn’t even aware of this brand before I received this. Let me tell you the picture does not do this justice. This is a clear base with rose gold micro glitter along with gold and teal long bars of glitter. It is just gorgeous.

This is Starlet’s Intense Eyeliner in Chocolate. It is pretty straightforward. Medium brown eye liner that lasts quite well. Nice product.

This is bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Dare Devil. It has a sweet scent but I can’t decide if it is fruity or slightly chocolatey. Either way it smells nice. It feels minty on your lips and goes on quite smoothly. I actually stuck this in my purse for on the go use.

Interesting in trying Ipsy? Visit their site here.


Orly Monster Mash

Sorry about the lack of posts the last couple of weeks but it was my birthday and I went to Disneyland! We had a ton of fun 🙂

So this is Orly Monster Mash over Orly Liquid Vinyl (shiny pitch black). Keep in mind I have been wearing it for 4 days so there is quite a bit of tipwear.

This photo really doesn’t do justice to how vibrant this overcoat is. It is a clear with gorgeous greenish gold iridescent hexagonal flakes and straight gold lines in it. I have gotten so many compliments on this.

Orly Monster Mash is part of the Orly Flash Glam FX collection and can be found in stores and online now.