Starlooks Starbox May 2013


My Starlooks Starbox showed up today. I am always excited for these. They have great products and stuff I wouldn’t normally buy but end up loving. The picture above is the cute box it arrived in. Loving the colors and zebra print!


The insert is very tribal looking.


All the goodies including a tiny tribal nail file. Perfect for my purse!


All of the items unboxed.


Starlooks Cream Blush in Emphasize. I saw this and figured there is no way I am wearing that. I am quite pale and it is very dark in the container. Once I tried it I realized that it is blendable and buildable. It is nice and smooth on but very pigmented so use a deft hand when applying.


Starlooks Pigment Luster in Cinnamon Toss. I love their pigments! I was so happy to get it in this color. I love brownish anything and this is a great addition to my stash.


Starlooks Eyebrow Shader Compact. I love how these colors are so different so you can mix and match and create any color combo that suits your skin. This will definitely be used.

All in all this is another fantastic Starbox. I have yet to be disappointed if I try everything and give it a fair chance. Interested in trying Starbox? Visit their site here: Starlooks.

This was purchased by me.


Glamour Doll Eyes OTM May 2013

I am a huge fan of Glamour Doll Eyes cosmetics. Their loose eye shadows are so beautiful. They are really pigmented and have a huge selection of colors. I received my “of the month” for May the other day. Here is what I received:

Glamour Doll EyesThis is the cute bag that it came in.

Glamour Doll Eyes

All the goodies including Mike and Ikes. They always send a small sweet treat.

Glamour Doll Eyes

Loose Eyeshadow in S&M, Powdered Blush in Risky Business

Glamour Doll Eyes

Powdered Blush in Risky Business

Glamour Doll Eyes

Loose Eyeshadow in S&M

Glamour Doll Eyes

Loose eyeshadow samples in Chivalrous and Presumptuous.

Due to recent events in my life I haven’t had time to swatch much. As you can see the blush is very pink. It is super cute when you wear it. I never would have picked out the Presumptuous because I am not a fan of yellow but it looks much different on me. I haven’t tried the others yet.

Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day!

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.

Nail Art Society May 2013

I haven’t updated with anything in awhile. Sorry, life has been nuts. I got my Nail Art Society subscription package and I really loved it this month. Here is what I got:

Nail Art Society

We received 6 KISS items plus some inserts on how to use them with suggestions and inspiration for pretty manicures.

  • KISS Nail Dress in KDS02 (neon polka dots)
  • KISS Nail Artist Flat Stickers (flowers and vines)
  • KISS Nail Artist 3D Charms with glue (bows, butterflies, hearts,etc)
  • KISS Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Set (orange, yellow and purple glitter)
  • KISS Nail Dress in KDS15 (black with gold dot swirls)
  • KISS Marbleizing Pen and Polish (3 purples)

I was very pleased with my items this month, especially the marbleizing pen/polish. I hadn’t tried those yet. My daughter squeed at the neon nail dress and promptly begged for them.

Interested in trying Nail Art Society? Visit their site.

Starlooks Starbox March 2013 Photos & Review

It’s that time again. My Starbox is here! For those that don’t know, it is a monthly subscription that sends you Starlooks products to try out. The catch is that you get full sized items! So, without further ado I present my March box:


Our cute box is brown with blue text and a gold bow this time.


The March Look insert


We got a code for eye goodies! YAY!


All the goodies


All of the goodies opened


Starlooks Lipstick in Flutter: This is a beautiful frosty copper. It is a very warm color. The lipstick formula is a little grainy but not uncomfortable. It has great coverage in one swipe.


This is Starlooks Eye Shadow in Disarray. It is a dark navy but appears mostly gray with a hint of a navy undertone. It only has the tiniest bit of sparkle and is almost matte. It was well pigmented and would be absolutely perfect for a dark blue smokey eye.


This is Starlooks Vanilla Lip Sugar. It is a lip exfoliant and was included as an extra surprise. I like surprises! I opened this up and caught the smell of sugar cookies. It really smells so good. It felt good on my lips when I tried it. It wasn’t too rough or drying.


Ah, finally. The elusive Starlooks Lengthening mascara has made its way into our box. I think a lot of makeup junkies have been hoping for this. The tube is huge and heavy, probably the heaviest I own. It went on smoothly and has a nice full brush to really pull those lashes up. I didn’t have goopy problems with it. Have to try this out for a few more days before I make my final decision on this one.


Swatches of Flutter and Disarray

Interested in learning more about Starlooks? Visit their site here: Starlooks

Starlooks February 2013 Photos and Review

I received my February Starlooks Starbox today. Here is what I received:

Feb SB

The February Starbox is a Special Edition with Lauren Clark.

Feb SB

I opened it up to find this beautiful insert.

Feb SB

My goodies all boxed up with a little book of Lauren wearing the products, making makeup suggestions and telling all about her.

Feb SB

My new goodies! What a cute girlie themed box. We received the following:

  • Starlooks  Lip Pencil in Tipsy
  • Starlooks Infinity Liner in Princess Diaries
  • Starlooks Lip Gloss in Pink Oasis
  • Starlooks HD Fluid Blush in Barbie.

Feb SB

  • Tipsy Lip Liner: This goes on smooth and is very well pigmented. Love their liners!
  • Princess Diaries Infinity Liner is a gorgeous light, shimmery pink cream eye liner. It goes on nice and smooth.
  • Pink Oasis Lip Gloss is a light pink with lots of shimmer. It is not too sticky.

Feb SB

Barbie HD Fluid Blush: What can I say? This stuff is outrageously pigmented and quite thick. My advice, only use a tiny bit for a great feminine cheek. It isn’t all sparkly and I love how smooth it is.

All in all Marci and the Starlooks crew hit it out of the park for me this month. One of the best memberships out there. What do you think of Starlooks? Have you tried it?


Nail Art Society February 2013 Photos and Review

I recently subscribed to a new subscription, Nail Art Society. The reason I decided to try this was because I have a ton of polish but I like having little extras around to doodle my nails up fancy with like stickers, gems, etc. Each month they send out a packaged designed to create a certain look. So here is what I got for February.

Nail Art Society

Nail Art Society

Nail Art Society

Chain to add to fancy manicures.

Nail Art Society

Buffing block

Nail Art Society

Little metallic “love”s.


Up close, but a bad picture. These are really shinyNail Art Society

Dotting Tool

Nail Art Society

Textured, sparkly designs. You can cut these out in any shape to stick onto your finger. I’ve never tried these so I am excited to see how they are.

Nail Art Society

Finger Paints Art You Kidding Me?

All in all I was really happy with what I received. It is all stuff I don’t have but will definitely use. There are already a few polish subscriptions but I like that this one sends a whole look. Interested in checking it out? Visit Nail Art Society.

Square Hue February 2013 Photos and Review

Greetings readers,

I received my Square Hue box for February a few days ago. Here are my newest goodies:

PTsh5 PTsh6PTsh1This is High School Crush. It is a beautiful springy peach pastel. This polish was a bit streaky so I had to use three coats. I do really like the color once I got it to full opacity.


This is Wartime Romance. It is a beautiful dusty berry. This could easily be a one coater but I always prefer to put two coats on. Lovin’ this one because it’s sort of old fashioned looking.

Square Hue

In sunlight

Square Hue

In shade

Both of those are Dear John. It is a dark brown with the tiniest hint of red shimmer. It is very dark so I would probably opt to use it for designs instead of wearing it alone. It would be a great base for fall glitters.

I am feeling so, so about this month. Not super excited but I do like them. Interested in checking out Square Hue? Visit their site here.

Graze Box Photos and Review

Yes, it’s true. I have stumbled upon another subscription box. It’s called Graze Box*. This one sends you snack items. They send it weekly and you and you can skip weeks if you desire. You can browse their site and choose to “love, like, try or trash” any of their snacks. Love means they will send it regularly, like means they will send it occasionally, try means they will send it once, and trash means they will never send it to you. I actually love that system. Anyway, here is my first box:

Graze This is how your box shows up. Simple. Recyclable. Yay!

GrazeI opened it to see my 4 snacks and a welcome card.

GrazeFlip that card over and it has individual ingredients and nutritional information for your 4 snacks. It even lists allergens!

GrazePTgraze9This is Bakewell Tart. It is pretty straight forward including almonds, dried cranberries and cherry raisins. It was good, simple and I would ask for it again.

GrazeGrazeThis is Lost Army. It is a savory treat with rice and peanut cracker mixes. It is reminiscent of asian munchie mixes that I have had before. There weren’t any really hot ones though. It definitely had some teriyaki flavor in at least one of them. Pretty tasty, it will stay on my like list.

GrazeGrazeThis one is Hot Cross Yum. Yum is right!  When I opened it a rush of orange scent came out. I am not particularly fond of raisins but the orange infused raisins are so amazing next to the cinnamon honey almonds. I’ve never had anything that tasted like this before. The sponge pieces add a simple sweetness without being overwhelming. This was the best snack in my box hands down. It will definitely be on my love list.

GrazeGrazeThis is Marvelous Macaroon. This tastes as you would expect it to… like a coconut macaroon. It is quite sweet and definitely a dessert snack. It was pretty tasty so it will remain on my like list.

All in all, I think this box is worth it. I love trying new stuff and after getting the Hot Cross Yum I am addicted! Interested in try this subscription? Visit Graze*.


*These are referral links. I will receive a discount on my next box if you chose to use them.

Starlooks January 2013 Starbox

I received my Starlooks Starbox today. Love this company. Great products, good customer service… what’s not to like?! Anyway, here is what I received:

Starbox Starbox





This is a beautiful peachy powder blush called Cuty Peach. It is nicely pigmented and a color that will compliment a lot of people. If it is too light or dark for you, just use it as a highlighter or eye shadow. I did have a hard time getting it open though… probably just me.



This is a simple brown eyeliner. It is nice and smooth and doesn’t pull at your skin.



This is a pretty green bracelet from Abby Rose Designs. It’s a medium green and is one size fits all. Lovin’ this!



This is the Starlooks Dome Brush aka eye shadow brush. It is nice and soft and not too fluffy.



This is Starlooks Diamondline Eye Liner in Fancy and it is an amazing green eyeliner. It is smooth to the touch and glides on very smooth. It’s probably my favorite thing out of this months box.


Swatches of all three makeup items. Isn’t that green out of this world?!

One again Starlooks has kept me smiling. Interested in checking it out? Visit Starlooks.

Birchbox January 2013 Photos and Review

I am a member of Birchbox, a monthly subscription service for beauty products. Here is what I received in my January box.


Description of our goodies

Description of our goodies

After removing the card, this is what I saw

After removing the card, this is what I saw

BirchboxThis is Ojon damage reverse™ Instant Restorative Hair Serum. It is a decent hair oil to tame down unruly and dry hair. It is a nice light oil with a subtle scent. Not sure if I would purchase again because I don’t have unruly hair.

BirchboxThis is Harvey Prince Skinny Chic Eau de Toilette. This stuff smells absolutely amazing! It has been a really long time since I said that about a perfume. It smells like pears, apples and something else sweet and light. It isn’t sickeningly sweet like some perfumes though. I am definitely buying this one again.

BirchboxThis is alessandro Nail Polish in Blue Lagoon. The formula was a bit thick but I didn’t have a problem getting it on. As you can see it is a nice medium blue. It’s a pretty color but I have others like it already.

BirchboxThis is theBalm® cosmetics Put a Lid On It™ Eyelid Primer. You put this on before your eye products to help them stay longer. It works really well and doesn’t irritate my skin so I can recommend this one as well.


This is Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. It is a rich face cream that isn’t greasy. It does have a very strong scent of cucumbers that I don’t like but it dissipates quickly. I would love to purchase this again but am not sure if I will do so because it is a bit pricey.

All in all this was a great box. It was probably the best Birchbox I have received so far.