Morning Star Farms Hickory BBQ Riblets Photos and Review


Good afternoon all! As some of you already know I am a BzzAgent where I get to try stuff and give my honest reviews. The great part is that they are looking for real reviews and not just a perfect rating. This is one of my latest campaigns: Morning Star Farms. The make meatless products like their Grillers, Buffalo Wings, Chik Patties, and BBQ Riblets.

Now I must preface my review by stating that I am not vegetarian or vegan so my opinions come from the mind and taste buds of someone who eats meat.


I chose to try the Morning Star Farms Hickory BBQ Riblets. They looked pretty delectable on the box. So I grabbed them up and brought them home. They come frozen, two large portions per package. They are cholesterol free, vegetarian and kosher.


I was initially going to add other stuff to it but to be honest, I just wanted to taste this in it’s simple form so I just tossed it between two buns. It has lots of sauce that comes with it which is really nice because I love saucy sandwiches. The BBQ sauce on these is super yummy. It’s that great mixture of sweet and savory that you look forward to when you think of BBQ. It’s not spicy at all. The patty itself does have a meaty texture a bit like pork. It was soft, moist and very tender. Did it taste exactly like meat? Of course not. It was pretty darn close though.

So why should you try these? Those that are vegetarian may miss the flavors they once enjoyed and this might be a nice treat. Even for meat eaters, this is a great way to have a satisfying meal without all of the fat, calories and cholesterol. This is perfect for kids because most of them love saucy BBQ riblets.

Interested in more information about Morning Star Farms? Visit their site here. These are available in many grocery stores in the frozen foods section.
These samples were sent to me for free. View my disclaimer.

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