Milani Bella Eyes Preview

I have a lot of makeup. I think most of you reading this probably do too. With all of the releases from so many companies, sometimes it is hard to get excited about new stuff because we already all have something similar. I want you let you in on a little secret though. I adore Milani stuff. It is one of the few drugstore brands that I am regularly impressed with. From the second I saw these I was excited about them. They are bright. They are bold. They are not for the makeup shy. They are the new Milani Bella Eyes. I haven’t purchased any yet because they were completely sold out locally so I am waiting to grab these. In the meantime, here is a little preview of what is to come:



These are such beautiful almost neutrals. I am loving the gold. It looks like a super accent color for a lot of other colors I own.



I am a purple eyeshadow addict so these jumped out at me immediately. Brilliant, bold and bright. Great for an adventurous night out.



Now I am normally shy of dark blues because they don’t look spectacular on me, except for when it comes to more bright aquas like Bella Teal. This is probably the one I anticipate the most.



Now for some of the pinks. These look like party pinks to me. Something to wear out with your new little dress for a night out with the girls. The Bella Diamond looks like a great white too.


The great news is that the Bella Eyes come in 30 shades. They are all gel to powder. I will be grabbing a few of these as soon as possible but I was too excited about them not to share. Will you be trying these?


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