Milani Bella Eyes Review Part 1

Purchased by MeSo I finally managed to get a hold of some of the Milani Bella Eyes. They kept selling out everywhere. I managed to snag 8 colors at my local CVS. I will be reviewing them in two sets of 4. The first set are the purples, pinks and blues.


Bella Violet, Bella Rouge, Bella Teal, and Bella Rose


Bella Violet

This is listed as a shimmer. It does have a little shine but not outrageous.


Bella Rouge

This is listed as a metallic. It is definitely shiny!


Bella Teal

This is listed as a metallic too and very shiny. This is the one that lured me in!


Bella Rose

This is listed as a highlighter/shimmer. It was shinier than I expected.


This is in shade with a flash.


This is in direct sunlight.

As you can see they are very colorful and most of them are super shiny. All of these were applied with no primer or lotion underneath. They are even more vibrant when used with a primer. At a price of $4.50-5 each, these are an absolute steal for such a nice quality product. These are available at your local drugstore or on .

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. There are no referral links in this post.

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