Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream Photo and Review

Free from InfluensterI received the Sun-Kissed VoxBox from Influenster last week. I will be reviewing the products one by one. Today I will be showing you Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. I have about 10 BB creams ranging from the traditional Asian BB Cream to the more Americanized version.


The product claims to have 6 skin perfecting benefits:

  1. Refreshes
  2. Brightens
  3. Evens Tone
  4. Hydrates
  5. Smoothes
  6. Protects

Here is a picture of the comments on the box:




The bottom swatch it how it looks when it comes out of the tube. The top part of the picture is what it looks like after you rub it in. As you can see it has very light coverage and it does add a bit of “glow”. I would go so far as to say that it has less coverage than my regular tinted moisturizer. If you need heavy coverage for breakouts and such, this is not the cream for you. If you like a nice summer product for wearing that won’t get messy and gloopy then this is perfect for you. It would be great for day trips like the beach, a picnic, or outdoor sports. It has a nice scent to it and it goes on very smoothly. It also has a light SPF which is nice so you can skip the sunscreen step of your daily routine. It does have really nice moisturizing effects as well.

If you are interested in purchasing these you can get them from Amazon or directly from Olay. (not referral links)

I received these free of charge from Influenster in exchange for my honest review. Please read my disclosure statement for more information.

Skin79 Intense Classic BB Cream Photos and Review

I recently purchased a Skin79 BB cream for the first time. After reading their chart I decided on the Intense Classic Formula.


PTbb2PTbb3I am used to American BB creams so this one was vastly different. It was definitely lighter than I expected. When I first put it on I looked pale. It was very smooth but didn’t feel very moisturizing. I did like the way it made my face feel, very smooth. After about 15 minutes the whiteness seemed to subside as well. It definitely helped with my oil control and I didn’t have any shine problems all day. I ended up liking this a lot and have worn it a lot. I am curious to test out their other formulas as well. This one suits me pretty well though so it might be a bit before I take that plunge.