Birchbox August 2012

I received my Birchbox for August. Here is what I got:

They always have cute packaging. It is usually wrapped up and tied with a ribbon. So cute.

The first items were Comodynes Self-Tanning wipes. I have had allergic reactions to several tanning products so I passed on these.

The second item was Comodynes Hydra Tanning face moisturizing summer glow. As noted above, I passed these on to a friend due to sensitivity issues.

Next is the Viva La Juicy La Fleur. This is a sweet, fruity perfume with a floral undertone. Very girly for sure!

Here we have the Schick Hydro Silk razor and I have to say, this was my favorite item in the box. I thought because it was so bulky that it would be hard to use but it wasn’t. I really love it. I am super clumsy when shaving and I didn’t nick myself at all. Would definitely buy again.

These are Beauty Fixation makeup removing swabs. The swabs themselves were fine. They contain makeup remover in the stick. You snap off one end and it is meant to be used around hard to reach nooks and crannies like the eyes. The swabs I received were poorly packaged. Two of them were just floating around the box unwrapped and one was about to fall off. Packaging aside they were just ok. I already have swabs and makeup remover.

The last item was the DDF Brightening Cleanser. The cleanser has a mild fruity smell to it and it cleans properly. As for the brightening, I am not sure yet since I have only used it three times. No noticeable difference but these type of items usually take an extended period of time to show the difference.

All in all, I was sort of bummed with this box. I wish I could opt out of self-tanners on Birchbox. I guess this is what sampling is about though, trying out new things and seeing what fits with your beauty regimen.

Interested in trying out Birchbox? Go here. Have a great day!