Graze Box Photos and Review

Yes, it’s true. I have stumbled upon another subscription box. It’s called Graze Box*. This one sends you snack items. They send it weekly and you and you can skip weeks if you desire. You can browse their site and choose to “love, like, try or trash” any of their snacks. Love means they will send it regularly, like means they will send it occasionally, try means they will send it once, and trash means they will never send it to you. I actually love that system. Anyway, here is my first box:

Graze This is how your box shows up. Simple. Recyclable. Yay!

GrazeI opened it to see my 4 snacks and a welcome card.

GrazeFlip that card over and it has individual ingredients and nutritional information for your 4 snacks. It even lists allergens!

GrazePTgraze9This is Bakewell Tart. It is pretty straight forward including almonds, dried cranberries and cherry raisins. It was good, simple and I would ask for it again.

GrazeGrazeThis is Lost Army. It is a savory treat with rice and peanut cracker mixes. It is reminiscent of asian munchie mixes that I have had before. There weren’t any really hot ones though. It definitely had some teriyaki flavor in at least one of them. Pretty tasty, it will stay on my like list.

GrazeGrazeThis one is Hot Cross Yum. Yum is right!  When I opened it a rush of orange scent came out. I am not particularly fond of raisins but the orange infused raisins are so amazing next to the cinnamon honey almonds. I’ve never had anything that tasted like this before. The sponge pieces add a simple sweetness without being overwhelming. This was the best snack in my box hands down. It will definitely be on my love list.

GrazeGrazeThis is Marvelous Macaroon. This tastes as you would expect it to… like a coconut macaroon. It is quite sweet and definitely a dessert snack. It was pretty tasty so it will remain on my like list.

All in all, I think this box is worth it. I love trying new stuff and after getting the Hot Cross Yum I am addicted! Interested in try this subscription? Visit Graze*.


*These are referral links. I will receive a discount on my next box if you chose to use them.