Starlooks Starbox March 2013 Photos & Review

It’s that time again. My Starbox is here! For those that don’t know, it is a monthly subscription that sends you Starlooks products to try out. The catch is that you get full sized items! So, without further ado I present my March box:


Our cute box is brown with blue text and a gold bow this time.


The March Look insert


We got a code for eye goodies! YAY!


All the goodies


All of the goodies opened


Starlooks Lipstick in Flutter: This is a beautiful frosty copper. It is a very warm color. The lipstick formula is a little grainy but not uncomfortable. It has great coverage in one swipe.


This is Starlooks Eye Shadow in Disarray. It is a dark navy but appears mostly gray with a hint of a navy undertone. It only has the tiniest bit of sparkle and is almost matte. It was well pigmented and would be absolutely perfect for a dark blue smokey eye.


This is Starlooks Vanilla Lip Sugar. It is a lip exfoliant and was included as an extra surprise. I like surprises! I opened this up and caught the smell of sugar cookies. It really smells so good. It felt good on my lips when I tried it. It wasn’t too rough or drying.


Ah, finally. The elusive Starlooks Lengthening mascara has made its way into our box. I think a lot of makeup junkies have been hoping for this. The tube is huge and heavy, probably the heaviest I own. It went on smoothly and has a nice full brush to really pull those lashes up. I didn’t have goopy problems with it. Have to try this out for a few more days before I make my final decision on this one.


Swatches of Flutter and Disarray

Interested in learning more about Starlooks? Visit their site here: Starlooks

Covergirl Blast Flipsticks Photos and Review

I was chosen by BzzAgent to do the Covergirl blastflipstick campaign. I get to try beautiful products in exchange for my honest opinion. I’ve never been one to hold that back lol. Anyway, here is what I received:

The box it all came in.

All 3 of the flipsticks.

Covergirl Blastflipstick in Stunner. These are a gorgeous bold orange set. The dark orange serves as a gorgeous base to the more shimmery light golden orange. This would be a perfect summer or fall color.

Covergirl Blastflipstick in Minx. Honestly when I pulled this one out of the box and saw that super dark brown I cringed. I figured I would pass it on to one of my friends with darker skin tones. Once I swatched it along with the lighter shade I realized that it wasn’t as dark as I previously thought. It could be worn by most skin tones, especially in fall. This one took me by surprise for sure.

Covergirl Blastflipstick in Vixen. This is a gorgeous pink combo that reminds me of cotton candy. It is definitely the most traditional of the three and very girlie. This is the one I grabbed at first when I opened the box. I know I don’t need any more pinks but this is so pretty I just adore it. Definitely my favorite one.

The bottom line is that these are great colors with a good formula so I think people will love them. There are quite a few more colors for sale in your local superstore or drugstore.
These samples were sent to me for free from BzzAgent. View my disclaimer.

Starlooks Birthday Box Photos and Review

If you are a Starlooks Starbox subscriber they send you a birthday box during your birthday month. Isn’t that cool? Nothing skimpy either, nice full size products. My birthday was in November and here is what I got. They come in a cute pink box which I forgot to photograph but you can see it in the background here.

  • Starlooks Tender Gloss Lipstick in Tipsy: This is a medium shimmery orange lipstick. It is nice and smooth and doesn’t have a heavy scent. I am not a big orange lipstick user but this shade was quite complimentary on me.
  • Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tipsy: This is a nice lip liner that compliments the lipstick. Love matching sets!
  • Starlooks Glitter Glam Brillants in BB Pink: This is loose fine glitter for your body, hair, face, etc. I actually wore it over shadow on my eyelids the first time. Afterwards I read that it isn’t to be used around eyes. Oops. It is super pretty and definitely my favorite thing in the box.

Starlooks Starbox November 2012 Photos & Review

I received my Starbox today. It is slowly becoming my most anticipated subscription each month. It probably has something to do with the fact that while I appreciate skincare, haircare and other beauty items, I really love makeup. Shocker I know lol. Anyway, here is what I got:

It came in this adorable leopard print box. Too cute!

The insert about the upcoming holiday box.

Insert with description of this month’s box.

This is what it looked like when I opened it. Two of the eyeshadows were loose in my box. They got the inside a bit dusty but they were only nicked on the top so they were fine. The box was completely closed so I am not even sure how they got loose.

So you will notice that odd looking pink thing. I didn’t know what it was when I first saw a picture of it. It is a mascara guard. Anyone who is clumsy like me or sneezes a lot can appreciate this. I hate getting my eye makeup just perfect only to “doink” it with my mascara, leaving an ugly black spot that I try to remove. Inevitably it leads to me having to redo half of my eyes. This will definitely be used.

The pretty shadows all back in their box. Nice autumn colors just like I love!

These are the shadows above, Top to bottom, left to right. Pretty aren’t they. The first color is hard to see on my arm but it shows up as a nice highlight on my eye.

I wasn’t too excited when I saw this color in the tube. I figured it was just another nude until…

I swatched it. It is a beautiful peachy gold with a nice subtle shimmer. Further proof that I need to try stuff before I make judgements. I really love this color. It is great for fall and winter looks. It would certainly look nice with the fall color shadows we got as well as a nice, light snowy look.

As always the box came with the cute little crystals inside that I forgot to get a picture of. Oops. The good news is that once again Starbox really hits it out of the park for me. I am so happy with what I got.

I also received my birthday Starbox but I will blog about that another day.

Ulta Haul

Last month I purchased some stuff from Ulta. I even took pictures and everything and then forgot to post it. Silly me. I bought a foundation and eyeliner. I received a gift with purchase which included the bag and it’s contents. Anyway, here is what I got.

Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation in Nude Beige

This is Ulta Fabulous Face Natural Finish Foundation in Nude Beige. I swatched it on my arm so you could see the color better. The formula is ok. It’s not my favorite but it’s not bad. I put it away to use for a backup.

This is Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in Teal Blue. I am such a sucker for this sort of blue with a touch of green. Definitely glad I bought this.

These are the samples I received with my order. The Taylor Swift Wonderstruck was pretty nice. It was very, very fruity. It smelled a lot like a berry pie. I don’t normally wear fruit scents but it was still nice. Laura Geller Spackle: haven’t tried this yet. Benefit Hello Flawless: haven’t tried this yet either.

This is the bag my gift with purchase came in. I got the Mystic Collection. It flips open and unzips. It’s a really cute bag.

Here is what was in the bag:

  • Ulta Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer: Your average moisturizer, works ok, good size for a purse.
  • Ulta Lipcolor in Goodyear for Wine: This lipstick is really pretty. I am a sucker for reds and dark berries. This is something I will definitely use. (swatch below)
  • Two Ulta Quads: The colors are pretty on these but they are only so so as far as pigmentation goes. I will probably give these to my daughters.
  • Ulta Polish in Femme Fatale: This is a nice burgundy color, perfect for fall. The formula is ok.
  • Ulta Blush in Adore: This is a medium brown with a hint of pink. Once again, a nice color for fall.
  • Ulta Super Shiny Lipgloss in Stellar: This is a nice light color for fall when you want a more subtle look. No flavor, no scent.
  • Ulta Dual Ended Liner in Dark Brown and Black: I haven’t tried this yet because I rarely use pencils anymore.
  • Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara in black: This is a pretty nice mascara. It wasn’t clumpy at all and didn’t bother my eyes.
  • Three Ulta Brushes: These were only ok. They aren’t as good as the brushes I am used to using. I passed them onto my little girls.

Now for a couple of swatches. The lipgloss is on the left with the lipstick on the right.

So what do you think? I was only so so about this haul. I got most of it free so that’s ok. I really like the lippies and the teal liner a lot. Ciao for now!