Glamour Doll Eyes May 2014


Purchased by MeI don’t think it is any big secret that I love Glamour Doll Eyes so I am always excited to get their “OTM” (of the month) each month. I forgot to take a picture with everything in it (oops) but I did take it with the beautiful loose pigment eye shadows.

Glamour Doll Eyes

Both photos are taken indoors. The photo above has no flash. The photo below has flash.

Glamour Doll Eyes

The swatches were taken in bright sunlight.

Glamour Doll Eyes

As you can see, once again GDE has sent gorgeous colors. The white color is called Vanilla Unicorn. The bronze color is called Insomnia. The green color is called One Way Ticket. One Way Ticket and Insomnia are super sparkly while Vanilla Unicorn seems to have smaller sparkles in it. I was pleasantly surprised how opaque Vanilla Unicorn was. It’s one of those colors that you could mix with others to light or brighten.

Have you tried GDE products? What do you think? Have a great day!

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.