Fiber One Protein Cereal Photos and Review

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I recently had the chance to try the new Fiber One Protein Cereal via BzzAgent. I got to try two flavors: Cranberry Almond and Maple Brown Sugar.

Fiber One

This is the Fiber One Protein Cereal in Cranberry Almond. It has a strong berry scent to it. I didn’t taste a lot of almond in it but I could definitely taste the berries. It was okay but a little on the sweet side for my liking. My oldest son really loved it so he’s been enjoying it each morning.

Fiber One

This is the Fiber One Protein Cereal in Maple Brown Sugar. This one had an intense maple scent to it. It was also super sweet to me, much sweeter than I prefer cereal to be. Even my children commented on how sweet this was and that they preferred less sweet options for breakfast. Of course I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good box of cereal so I decided to make cereal bars out of them. We mixed this with marshmallow and butter like you would with a crispy treat and turned it into a dessert instead. They enjoyed them once we transformed them.

Both flavors of the cereal had a great crunch and stayed crunchy in milk. They have different little shapes of goodies in them to keep the texture interesting as well. I would purchase the cranberry almond flavor again for my son but won’t be purchasing the maple brown sugar flavor due to it’s intense sweetness.

I received this product free of charge from BzzAgent in exchange for my honest review. Please read my disclosure statement for more information.