Per-fekt Beauty Lip Perfection Gel Swatch & Review

I received two samples from Per-fekt Beauty of their Lip Perfection Gel. Here is what I received:

They were little dollops of the gel in these cute flowers. Both of them are the color Melrose.

This is Melrose in direct sunlight. It is a sheer mauve. Smooth texture, no scent, no taste. I like the formula a lot more than I like the color. I would definitely be interested in purchasing other colors.

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These samples were sent to me for free. View my disclaimer.

Starbox September Photos and Review

I received my Starbox from Starlooks today. Here is what I received:

Pretty white box with a silver bow

Starlooks Eyeshadow Primer

Starlooks Monographic 5 shade shadow palette

Inside of the palette

Swatches of the palette

Little gems for your eyes

As you can see we got some awesome stuff. I am still testing the Eyeshadow Primer but will get back to you on that. I used it under the swatches on my arm.

The palette is wonderful. At first look they all looked like different colors of the same type of mild shimmer shadow. Once I swatched them I saw a much bigger difference in color as well as finish. The yellow and green on the ends have more shimmer than the others. The pink and purple are more solid colors with only a hint of shimmer and the blue is somewhere between the two types. These will come in handy for lighter looks as well as highlighting.

We also got tiny gems for our eyes. I always admire the ladies that have jeweled eyes so I guess this is my turn to try it.

All in all I am really pleased with this month. Interested in Starbox? Check them out here.

Ulta Haul

Last month I purchased some stuff from Ulta. I even took pictures and everything and then forgot to post it. Silly me. I bought a foundation and eyeliner. I received a gift with purchase which included the bag and it’s contents. Anyway, here is what I got.

Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation in Nude Beige

This is Ulta Fabulous Face Natural Finish Foundation in Nude Beige. I swatched it on my arm so you could see the color better. The formula is ok. It’s not my favorite but it’s not bad. I put it away to use for a backup.

This is Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in Teal Blue. I am such a sucker for this sort of blue with a touch of green. Definitely glad I bought this.

These are the samples I received with my order. The Taylor Swift Wonderstruck was pretty nice. It was very, very fruity. It smelled a lot like a berry pie. I don’t normally wear fruit scents but it was still nice. Laura Geller Spackle: haven’t tried this yet. Benefit Hello Flawless: haven’t tried this yet either.

This is the bag my gift with purchase came in. I got the Mystic Collection. It flips open and unzips. It’s a really cute bag.

Here is what was in the bag:

  • Ulta Instant Nourish Facial Moisturizer: Your average moisturizer, works ok, good size for a purse.
  • Ulta Lipcolor in Goodyear for Wine: This lipstick is really pretty. I am a sucker for reds and dark berries. This is something I will definitely use. (swatch below)
  • Two Ulta Quads: The colors are pretty on these but they are only so so as far as pigmentation goes. I will probably give these to my daughters.
  • Ulta Polish in Femme Fatale: This is a nice burgundy color, perfect for fall. The formula is ok.
  • Ulta Blush in Adore: This is a medium brown with a hint of pink. Once again, a nice color for fall.
  • Ulta Super Shiny Lipgloss in Stellar: This is a nice light color for fall when you want a more subtle look. No flavor, no scent.
  • Ulta Dual Ended Liner in Dark Brown and Black: I haven’t tried this yet because I rarely use pencils anymore.
  • Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara in black: This is a pretty nice mascara. It wasn’t clumpy at all and didn’t bother my eyes.
  • Three Ulta Brushes: These were only ok. They aren’t as good as the brushes I am used to using. I passed them onto my little girls.

Now for a couple of swatches. The lipgloss is on the left with the lipstick on the right.

So what do you think? I was only so so about this haul. I got most of it free so that’s ok. I really like the lippies and the teal liner a lot. Ciao for now!

Unreal Candy

I am a member of BzzAgent. I recently got to try Unreal Candy from one of their campaigns.

This candy has no hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors. So I was mentally preparing myself for some “healthy” candy that I figured would be… *ahem*… gross. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I knew what everything was on the ingredients list. Good start. But how do they taste?

These didn’t even make it home hence the empty package.

Well first off were the Unreal #54, the Chocolate Candy Shell Peanuts. These didn’t even make it home from the store. I was pleasantly surprised and how yummy they were. Nice crispy outside, no funny aftertastes, and good nut/chocolate ratio. My 4 kids tried them as well and they all really liked them. I would definitely purchase these again.

Now for the #77 Peanut Butter Cups. I live in a desert so they melted slightly on the way. I was only so so about these. They looked great. They were nice and soft with good texture and they tasted ok. They left a bit of an aftertaste in my mouth. I let the kids taste these as well and they said the same thing. They were ok but not spectacular.

Finally onto the #8 Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat bar. This was amazing. I mean REALLY good. I posted a picture of the side view of this so you can see just how yummy they look. I am a huge fan of a bar like this (that shall remain unnamed) and this was just like it. Perfect texture, flavor, and had a great crunchiness mixed with smoothness.

All in all I was quite pleased with these products and I would purchase 2 out of 3 of them again. Great taste with much less sugar, fat plus higher fiber and protein. What’s not to like?!
These samples were sent to me for free from BzzAgent. For more information view my disclaimer.

Caswell-Massey Almond & Aloe Hand and Body Emulsion Photo and Review

In my July Glossybox I received a sample of Caswell-Massey’s Almond & Aloe hand and body emulsion with silk. It smelled amazing. It has that almond/amaretto smell that makes my nose all happy. I have super sensitive skin, especially to fragrance in products so I am always looking for nice products that don’t rash my skin out. I did a tester swipe of it on my arm and to my surprise no reaction. I was actually so excited that I bought a full size from the company the same day.

If you are looking for a heavy duty lotion, this isn’t it. This is a nice light, smooth lotion that doesn’t leave you all greasy. In just a few days this has become one of my favorite lotions. It’s really nice to have a lotion with fragrance in it that doesn’t irritate my skin.

Have you tried this? If so, what did you think?